Technical Support

The technical support of security systems begins with the right installation, but it does not stop there. When security system is finally distributed to the client, it will function smoothly and constantly. However as time goes by if no one does not monitor and maintain the system it is expected that its credibility and readiness will be decreased. As workshop provides, approximately every two or three years it has to be made a service so that you will be secured.

We can easily repair your old system which is out of function even if it has not be installed by us.

In all our function system we discriminate for the strict confidentiality that characterizes us, the perfect organization and also the direct result that we offer.

The ultramodern equipment that we are provided, is the most suitable and credible so as to help us actualize every challenge we deal with.

In case of an essential occasion our service technical will give the necessary phone directions in order to deal with any technical problem that will maybe occur.



Latest news

BANDIT Fog Security System. The FOG BANDIT is the fastest and highest density security fogging system of its kind in the world.