BANDIT Fog Alarm System

BANDIT is the fastest and thickest security fog in its type worldwide.

BANDIT is the FIRST and UNIQUE security fog in Europe that has been tried independently and has been verified to fully agree with the regulation EN 50131-8 which is being applied by the CENELEC (European Committee Electro-technical Standardization) from the April of 2010.

BANDIT puts new standards in the security fog products referring to the functionality and credibility. Using the last technological patents, the BANDIT produces fog environmental friendly while simultaneously disperses smoke of high density protecting the loss of your property and the criminal mischief. Breaking the classic security protects, BANDIT disperses directly fog with a kind of thickness that deters the invader to enter your property and remove your valuable goods.

The BANDIT can be applied for 24 hour and daily protection deterring the robbery.

It is not random that BANDIT owns the first place in the European market and is being used on a great scale for preventing robberies and minimizes every kind of loss, damage and threat of your goods.

BANDIT is the fastest and thickest security fog product in market as:
Protects a whole store in a few seconds
Disperses 28 meters cubed of fog per second
Squirts fog in a distance of 6 meters in only two seconds
Only one unit can protect a room among 50 and 500 meters cubed

Why speed can be important in a security product?
The invaders are directly deterred from entering the establishments and goods of the company
The damage of your goods and establishments is being minimized
Reduces the visibility in a distance of 25 centimeters( eye distance from the object)
Fog is totally safe in every environment

Why density can be important in security fog product?
Something that does not be discerned cannot be stolen
Delays the dilution of the fog and increases the effectiveness

Presentation of the security fog system BANDIT (video)

PC Security Suite

Our target is the data protection either these are in your domestic or business surroundings.

With study and installation of applications and special programs in your private computer which deter the invasion of a malicious software and services.

With the assurance against the complicated programs malware and threats from Trojan, spam so as to exist a healthy and completed system.

With the program installation that allows the parental control so that the parent can have full monitoring of the movements of his kid by allowing to enter only in certain pages.

Installing firewall with the aim of deterring every malicious attack.

Safe Room

Special applications for the construction of a safe- panic room, which is a small room constructed by concrete or fortified structural equipment with steel door with the aim of protecting the owners in case of danger.

The basic equipment that is located in those rooms contains communication equipment, mobile phone, VHF, CB, PMR, amateur radio with transceiver so to tackle the police.

In parallel, terminals of the cameras are located for the supervision both internal and external safe cameras.

It is traditional in a safe room to put a safe and equipment with the basic kind of first need and survival as lens, blankets, first-aid kit, and water, packed provisions, self –defense tools, guns, one gas mask and a simple portable compost bin CV.

Autonomy provision with solar panel and electromotive couple for electricity and air-conditioning and ventilation support.

System for invader’s entrapment

We recommend specific applications in special rooms, in combine with the existing alarm system in order to succeed entrapment and elicitation of panic in the invader.



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BANDIT Fog Security System. The FOG BANDIT is the fastest and highest density security fogging system of its kind in the world.